Steroids for Sale USA | Card Payment Accepted

Steroids for Sale Online | Card Payment Accepted

With the ever-increasing use and consumption of anabolic steroids, it is not a shock to see more and more people wishing to buy them, with many hoping to do so using their credit card (or debit card). But is this possible in the USA? Is it safe? In this article, we will examine the world of buying anabolics online and whether card payments are the safest and most logical way forward.

If you head on over to Google and search for anything steroid related (particularly sites and stores that sell anabolics), then you’ll see hundreds upon of hundreds of results – mainly from vendors who purport to sell performance enhancing drugs such as steroids, Human Growth Hormone, and the like. But are they legit? Unfortunately, it is very hard to ascertain whether a site is authentic just from looking at it – some sites may look very professional, but you can never really tell.

The best way to do so is via review websites. Within the industry of steroids, there are two major review sites that contain reviews for pretty much every seller out there. These are eRoids & MuscleGurus.

Your first port of call should always be there when looking to purchase steroids, as you will be able to view the hundreds, if not thousands, of unbiased reviews.

What makes it even more handy is the fact that it splits sources up by country, so you can specifically select those sites that are relevant to you.

Once you have found a seller that has good feedback and offers a wide range of products (injectables, orals, PCT meds, ancillaries, etc.…), you can then visit the site to see whether they do indeed accept credit or debit card payments. If they do, then it is highly advised to place a test order first, and if that goes to plan, then bigger orders can be placed.

Is it safe to use your credit card (Visa or Mastercard, for example) to purchase steroids? Although buying products that are ‘grey’ or ‘black’ market will always carry some risk, it is actually the safest way.

Despite the rhetoric that most steroids websites will try to fool you with, i.e., that paying by card isn’t anonymous; therefore, it isn’t safe, in reality, no form of payment is anonymous, and at least cards give you some form of protection (a chargeback for example). Other payment types do not offer such protection; therefore, they are best avoided.

Why Buy Steroids From JCP-PT.ORG?

I first used my credit card (a Mastercard) to buy anabolics all the way back in 2006, and at that point in time, there were far, far fewer online vendors (probably around 10% of what is available today).

The process was easy, and the goods were delivered within two weeks – all in all, it was a good experience. It wasn’t until ten years later, however, until I used my card again for the purpose of purchasing steroids (this time, I used a Visa card).

Although the previous website had long since disappeared, the new one I found provided equal levels of usability, and the delivery was even quicker – just a few days. I have since gone on to use my card many times and never experienced any issues doing so.

One piece of advice that is absolutely vital is only ever to use steroid sources in your own country. Domestic shipping services are far, far less monitored than international ones (customs is getting tighter and tighter each year), so be sure to select a store from your own country when purchasing online using your card.

Injectable & Oral Steroids Available with rapid US domestic shipping

When it comes to which type of steroids is best for your goals, several things must be considered. Before we get into that, it must be stated that most people will warn users away from doing an oral-only cycle; however, these can actually be very effective if done correctly, so don’t discard these straight away. Here is a list of injectable and oral steroids that you can buy with a credit or debit card:

  • Testosterone (Enanthate, Cypionate, Propionate, Decanoate, Undecanoate, Phenylpropionate, Sustanon, cream, oral pills).
  • Nandrolone (Decanoate – Deca Durabolin, Phenylpropionate – NPP).
  • Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate).
  • Trenbolone (Enanthate, Acetate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate).
  • Masteron (Drostanolone Enanthate, Propionate).
  • DHB (Dihydroboldenone cypionate).
  • Primobolan (Metenolone enanthate).
  • Dianabol 10mg & 20mg (methandrostenolone).
  • Anadrol 50mg (oxymetholone).
  • Anavar 10mg & 50mg (oxandrolone).
  • Winstrol 10mg & 40mg (stanozolol).
  • Halotestin 5mg (fluoxymesterone).
  • Superdrol 10mg (methasterone/methyldrostanolone).
  • Methyl-1-Testosterone 5mg.
  • Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate).
  • Clomid (clomiphene citrate).
  • Arimidex (anastrozole).
  • Letrozole.
  • Aromasin (exemestane).
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

As you can see, there are numerous products available, and more than enough to cover all bases no matter how long or complicated your steroid cycle is. We are one of only a handful of steroid websites that accept credit cards – the safest way to purchase anabolics online in the UK.

Steroid websites that accept credit card – are they safe?

This is another question that we are asked a lot – and by a lot, I mean numerous times every day. As we’ve touched upon above, buying anabolic steroids online – although easy – isn’t as straightforward as buying a regular product from the likes of Amazon or Walmart. Because of the potential pitfalls that exist when buying from online steroid suppliers who take credit and debit cards, it is not overly easy to give a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the above question. It can be safe – there is no doubt about that; however, it can be fraught with danger too. If you want to buy steroids with a credit card safely, then there are several tips that we feel are imperative.

  1. Do your research: Don’t buy from the first site you find or from the cheapest/the one with the best offers. Legit steroid suppliers will have plenty of good reviews, stock trusted and well-reviewed products (both pharmaceutical and underground labs/UGLs), and will offer a variety of payment options – including card payments. Don’t rush into a purchase. Not only should the use of steroids be something that is carefully considered and weighed up over several months, so is purchasing them. Probably not several months in the case of the latter, but certainly a good week of research.
  2. Domestic sources only: If you’re located in the USA, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the extremely strict laws surrounding steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Due to these far-from-lenient regulations, the price of steroids in the USA is higher than in places where steroids are more easily attainable or in countries where the laws are less strict. For these reasons, it may be tempting to place another with a foreign steroid supplier who has a cheaper product – however, this can be disastrous because the shipping costs may be a lot higher and, more importantly, your steroids have to get through customs…which is where the majority of problems occur due to the high risk* of sending products like steroids via international mail/shipping. To avoid these risks, use domestic sources via domestic shipping channels – you’ll thank us in the long run!

* If items like steroids are found and confiscated during the customs process, then not only will you not receive your goods, your name and address will also be blacklisted, and the federal agencies will know you’ve tried to order some forbidden into the country – not something you want!

Domestic steroid sources vs. International sources: which is better?

Although we’ve touched upon the discussion of choosing a domestic (UK) source over an international one, we only focussed upon the shipping and customs factors. Another element that must be considered is the quality of the steroids available.

I have used steroids from underground labs from all over the world, namely the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. Although there are many different brands from each country, from my experience there some countries have better anabolics than others. Whether this is down to the supply of raw materials, greed on the part of the lab itself – or perhaps both – I’m not sure, but it is safe to say that anabolics that come from the USA and UK are of far higher quality than elsewhere.

Steroids for Sale 101: The Complete Guide

In this section, we will take a look at how finding steroids for sale has changed over the course of the last twenty years and how you can make sure that you select the right supplier or source when purchasing online today.

There are no two ways about it; finding steroids has become a lot easier over the last decade or so. Why? The internet. Prior to the World Wide Web, people looking to source steroids had only one option – buy them from a source in person. While steroid users do still do that today, far more are turning to the internet to purchase their anabolics.

Steroids in the USA

The USA is the world’s biggest consumer of anabolic steroids – despite the fact that they have some of the harshest jail terms for the importation, manufacture, and distribution of anabolic steroids.

Prior to the 1990 Anabolic Steroids Control Act, obtaining anabolics was much more straightforward. Firstly, any could be bought in pharmacies and other outlets that sold medication, and secondly, because there were no punishments for doing so. If the internet had been in full force back then, then I’m every man and his dog would have been taking them!

When I was younger, all you had to do was to walk into a gym, locate the biggest muscle-bound lump, and ask him to buy some. 99% of the time, they’d say yes, and a few minutes later, you’d be stocked up with all the steroids you needed. Plus, there wasn’t any need to fear fakes because 99% of the steroids sold were legitimate pharmaceutical grade products. And, what’s more, they were a lot cheaper too!

The USA’s current anabolic steroid market

As I mentioned above, the internet has changed everything. There are a huge number of underground labs all over the world, the majority of which are selling online, and all of whom are sourcing their raw materials from China.

Although this has meant that more people have been able to get their hands on steroids, it has also resulted in far more competition – which, sadly, has resulted in deceitful practices when labs try to undercut each other and sell for the lowest price. That’s not to say that all labs are bad (most aren’t), but you should only ever purchase from steroid suppliers that are well known and have numerous independent reviews.

This, naturally, leads people to question whether they should buy steroids from UGLs, or whether they should try to source genuine pharma grade steroids instead. To help you understand this area a little better, we’ve put together some important information below.

Pharma Grade Steroids vs. Underground Lab: Which should I buy?

This is one question that I am asked all the time – and it is no surprise that I am. Users are in a genuine quandary regarding this because of the current state of the US and international steroid markets. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons in more detail:

Pharmaceutical grade anabolics: The gold standard of steroids. These have been manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical companies under license from their respective government(s). They will contain exactly what is stated on the label.

‘Why doesn’t everyone buy pharma grade then?’, you’re no doubt wondering. Well, for several reasons. Firstly, they are a lot more difficult to source in 2019 than they were even ten years ago. Security measures within the industry have increased massively, making it harder for suppliers to obtain them. This, as you would expect, pushed prices up, making them a lot more expensive than their underground lab counterparts.

Secondly, because sellers of steroids know that they can charge a higher price for pharma gear, this has led to a huge increase in the number of fakes on the market. It is widely acknowledged that there are far more fakes than authentic products on the market today than there ever has been, which makes it an absolute minefield for a potential buyer.

 Authentic pharma-grade products are the gold standard of steroids.

 Too many fakes on the market to be sure what you’re actually getting.

Underground labs: Now the most popular type of steroid available on the market. They’re much cheaper, less faked, and much more readily available than their legitimate counterparts.

However, because they are made in underground labs (usually someone’s basement, i.e., unsterile conditions), you can never be 100% sure what you’re getting. Will the vial contain the compound it says it does? If so, will it be dosed at the stated mg/ml? That is the risk you take. The only option is to have it tested, but that is prohibitively expensive, sadly.

 UGL steroids are in greater abundance and are typically cheaper.

 No regulation means you can never be 100% sure what you’re taking.

‘I want to buy steroids online, but I’m scared of getting fakes. What should I do?’

Naturally, this is the question that most people will be asking after reading the above section. Luckily, it’s one I asked myself many years ago and have spent countless years advising those looking to buy steroids online how best to go about it, i.e., how to reduce the chances of getting scammed and/or receiving poor quality or under-dosed anabolics.

Our advice is simple – use your brain, common sense, and due diligence. If you know someone else who takes steroids, then ask them which brand they use. If you don’t, then have a look at the many bodybuilding forums and message-boards that populate the World Wide Web. See what respected members say and what advice they give. Use steroid review sites such as eRoids and MuscleGurus – both of which have in-depth, independent reviews of suppliers as well as of the UGLs too. In today’s age, poor products and suppliers do not last long. Therefore, look out for those that have stood the test of time.

Buying Steroids Online: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will delve into some of the most common questions I am asked regarding the selection and purchase of steroids. I have tried to answer as many as possible, but if you want to ask one that isn’t listed below, then please get in touch via our contact page.

Let’s crack on…

Which steroids should I buy for a first cycle?

…and there you have it – our guide to buying steroids online using your credit card (or debit card). If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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