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Anavar was first developed in 1965 by Searle Labs (specifically a man called R.Pappo) . The original designed use for it was to treat wasting diseases, the need for which got ever greater with the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s. Why was it chosen? Simple. It promoted lean muscle mass gains with practically no water retention (unlike another steroid used for this purpose – Anadrol), as well as increasing strength, therefore ideal for those suffering from diseases such as HIV. It wasn’t until the early to mid 1990’s that it became popular amongst bodybuilders and gym goers, thanks largely to its promotion as being the lowest risk-highest reward steroid available on the black market.

Like Anadrol and Winstrol, it is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derived steroid. However, key structural changes were made by its creator in an attempt to reduce the androgenic component (and therefore effects); these changes worked very well and did just as intended. I guess the rationale behind it was to make a milder version of Dianabol, i.e. greater anabolism with reduced side effects – to some degree you could describe ‘Var’ as a milder version of ‘Dbol’, but it is widely accepted that Turinabol is ‘proper’ milder version of Dianabol.

It is not hard to see why, based on real science and scientific study, it became of interest to bodybuilders and gym goers alike. Firstly, unlike other steroid used for medical purposes, it was largely side effect free – plus, in a study done on burns victims (40% total body burn coverage), those taking it healed quicker, had improved body composition, kept their existing muscle mass, decreased muscle wasting completely and therefore had less time in hospital, compared to those taking a placebo. In addition to this, in another study, it was shown to decreased fat in the stomach area as well as providing small lean muscle mass gains.

It does, however, seem to split people down the middle though. Some dislike it because they don’t blow up on it like they do with other steroids, such as testosterone, dianabol or anadrol; whereas some love it because of the lean muscle mass gains and fat burning properties mentioned above. It also appears to have a pronounced effect on strength, which some find surprising due to its ‘mild’ label. Vascularity can also be expected if you are lean enough – lean users (15% body fat or below) will see more visible gains than users with more body fat.

What are the side effects of Anavar?

Despite being a ‘mild’ steroid, it has side effects. It is known not to be as liver toxic as other oral steroids, which appears to be backed up by studies, one of which showed that 20mg a day for 6 weeks had little effect on liver values and liver size (there was no swelling). However, the obvious thing here is the dose – bodybuilders will take at least double that dose, if not three, four or five times it! As with any steroid cycle – always have blood work done and monitor it. Being 17 alpha alkylated it will have at least some impact on your liver (and internal organs), which means 6-8 weeks is the longest you should take it for, with doses not going above 100mg a day.

As with any androgen, blood pressure can expect to be affected so a blood pressure monitor is certainly something that should be invested in. Where it seems to have the biggest impact is Cholesterol and triglycerides. I have seen several examples where HDL has been drastically lowered, LDL has been severely increased and total triglyceride level has been very high. This could happen for several reasons, but the fact that it is a DHT-derived steroid and the fact it does not aromatise (oestrogen is needed for healthy lipid levels). Levels should return to normal post-cycle, but fish oils and good fats are essential on cycle to provide as much protection as possible. The other usual suspects may pop up with its usage – hair loss (MPB), acne, increased body and facial hair, shin and lower back pumps etc…again, be wary of these and try to take precautions for each. Your natural testosterone levels will also be suppressed, so carrying out a comprehensive PCT is imperative.

What effects and gains can be expected from Anavar?

A popular (and over-asked!) question is ‘what gains can I expect?’. This, of course, will depend on various factors (dose, cycle length, training, diet etc…), but if one was to take a moderate dose (60-80mg)  for 6 weeks, with a high protein, quality diet, combined with an excellent training regime then 3-5lbs of lean muscle and some degree of fat loss can be expected. Individual results will vary, but it is important to know that it will not ‘blow you up’ – gains will be very subtle, but quality and permanent.

I know the above paragraph is short and that it is not a particularly detailed answer, but questions related to weight gain, muscle mass increases, strength increases, fat loss etc…are exceptionally hard to answer simply because they are so subjective. There are a million and one variables that come into play, not least the fact that every individual is completely different.

Does Anavar burn fat without cardio?

When it comes to losing body fat whilst maintaining (or even building) muscle mass or ‘cutting’ as it is known, the two key factors are diet and training. Unless these two are dialled in it won’t matter how many steroids or performance enhancing drugs you take, you won’t have the best results. That being said, if you do have your training and nutrition setup well then the use of it will enhance this greatly. But how can, what is renowned for being the ‘go to’ cutting anabolic, help with getting ripped?

All steroids will improve nitrogen retention (and therefore protein synthesis) to some degree, and this is vital to maintaining muscle mass whilst in a calorie deficit and when attempting to lose body fat. However, a lot of steroids will induce water retention, which is obviously something you want to avoid when looking to lean up and improve your physique aesthetically. This leaves you with a few choices and although Winstrol and Masteron could be used, Anavar is definitely the most popular choice. Why? It has been shown in studies to build a small amount of muscle mass whilst simultaneously burning body fat, and it has a dramatic increase of strength, which is always a good thing (more strength = more muscle fibre activation = muscle growth). Using it for this purpose is very straightforward – on its own it should be taken at dosages between 40mg and 100mg (depending on your sex, build and anabolic experience) for anywhere up to 8 weeks.

What results can be expected from Anavar?

It doesn’t need to be said that results will vary from individual to individual, and it is of course true that results are very subjective, but it is possible to discuss what could be achieved when using Anavar under the right conditions. By the ‘right conditions’ I mean for someone who has the relevant training and nutritional knowledge and who puts them into practice. This is absolutely vital to not only making the most of the potency of anabolic steroids, but also bodybuilding and muscle building in general; without it you will never properly fulfil your potential. So, if someone had everything in place what could they expect from a cycle?

If I had to describe the results I would say they were ‘small yet aesthetically pleasing’, meaning that you won’t pack on huge slabs of lean muscle and you won’t obliterate your body fat, but you will add a small amount of lean mass and burn some body fat, resulting in a better view in the mirror. In terms of specific figures, it would not be unwise to suggest that an 8 week cycle at a dose of 60mg per day could result in 3-5lbs lean muscle gains, with the same amount, if not more fat lost. On the face of it that sounds unimpressive, but if you added muscle and took away fat from anyone’s physique there is going to be a noticeable difference.

 What is the best way to stack Anavar for optimal results?

When it comes to stacks and stacking Anavar there are many choices available and ultimately it depends on the goals of the user. Are they looking to bulk up? (Yes, it can be used as part of a mass cycle contrary to popular belief!) Perhaps they want to ‘get ripped’? Maybe they want to smash there PB’s and skyrocket their strength? Anavar is a very versatile steroid do there are many options for each scenario.

Bulking stacks: Testosterone should always be the base of a bulking stack, ideally a long acting ester, but a short acting ester can be used instead. Using it for the first 4-6 weeks of a cycle can be very beneficial and at doses upwards of 60mg will provide excellent strength gains. Additions such as Deca, Trenbolone or Masteron can be added to further increase gains.

Cutting stacks: Again Testosterone is the advised base (usually propionate), but other injectables such as Masteron or Trenbolone can be used as well. For an oral only stack Anavar combines very well with Winstrol.

Strength stacks: Although most would advise against stacking two (or more) orals, combining it with Anadrol or even Halotestin would have incredible effects on strength. The thing that must be remembered if doing this however is to lower your dosages of both compounds and take them for a shorter duration than you would usually, as this will help to lessen the impact on your liver.

What Anavar dose is optimal?

The optimal dosage of Anavar will depend entirely on your goals and current physique/level of bodybuilding experience, which other steroid(s) you are using alongside it, and, of course, it will depend on whether you are male or female. I will go into detail about each of these aspects so as to give you a comprehensive insight into which dosage is right for you.

Anavar as a standalone: these type of cycles appear to be very popular nowadays as it is viewed as very mild steroid that can be taken pretty much risk free. That, coupled with the fact that most will shy away from injecting, and the fact it is seen as a steroid for ‘getting ripped’, means many part-timers and novices will use it by itself. I would not advise this at all. Why? The doses needed to see visible results (if you are already lean enough) will be very high, somewhere in the region of 100mg+ per day, which is expensive. Secondly, high doses will destroy your lipid profile, sending your HDL plummeting, your LDL skyrocketing and your triglycerides through the roof – not exactly beneficial for heart health now is it?! If you are going to do this then 80mg per day for 6-8 weeks is pretty standard protocol, although it will depend on what dosage tablets you have as they can come in 10mg, 20mg, 40mg or 50mg sizes.

Anavar stacked with other anabolics: If using Anavar with other steroids then you can reduce the dosage – the more other compounds you are using the lesser the dosage needs to be. If using alongside injectable testosterone (either long or short-estered), for either bulking or cutting, then starting at 40mg would be advised to assess tolerance and results and then bumping up the dose if required. If another oral is being taken then you really don’t need to go above 50mg of Anavar per day.

For women: Despite it often being touted as a steroid for women, in reality Anavar isn’t (nor are any other steroids for that matter). It is still androgenic and being derived from DHT means that, regardless of it’s androgenic rating, it will still cause virilization even at low doses. If you have your heart set on it then no more than 20mg for a maximum of four weeks.

Where can I find reviews of Anavar?

Reviews are indeed something that any potential users will be looking to seek out and read. Once you have done your research beyond the basic introduction to Anavar and possibly a little more extensively (perhaps in terms of studies), the next best thing to do is read reviews, accounts, logs and experiences of others that have used it. Where can you find this? The best place to look are on bodybuilding forums, although a simple Google search for the above phrase will return thousands upon thousands of results, most of which should provide a great insight into what can be expected when using it.

I’m looking to buy Anavar online – is it safe?

When it comes to where to buy online there are two schools of though: 1) Buying online from a website or 2) Buying offline from a local source/dealer. It seems that opinion on which is the best way to buy steroids is fiercely divided and as you would expect both online and offline have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will detail the pros and the cons of each method and then provide our own opinions and conclusions. It is important to state, however, that when buying steroids you are purchasing drugs from the black market so be cautious and don’t rush in to making a purchase of whichever steroid you intend to buy.

Buying  any steroid online is the best place according to many people and it is easy to see why. Firstly, you can do your research on the proposed website you intend to buy from; there are several review sites that have a vast array of reviews not on specific websites, but also brands and labs (eRoids and MuscleGurus are example of these). This means you can see what other users are saying and lets face it, this is the most important thing as they will on the whole (unless they are ‘lab whores’) provide honest and accurate feedback. These are the best place to search for reviews and you can even narrow it down to country, which makes it much easier to find a local online source as the last thing you really want to be doing is importing and having your Anavar seized by customs! Secondly, on some sites you are able to pay by credit card, which gives you excellent protection against scammers as you can simply put in a chargeback claim if you don’t receive your goods. Sadly, only a few sites offer this payment method, but on the whole those that do are the best place to purchase steroids.

On the flip side of the coin there are numerous illegitimate websites out there and despite the aforementioned review sites it can be a hit and miss. Most sites will only accept payment by bank transfer or international money transfer, both of which are non-reversible, leaving your susceptible to fraud. Doing your research, however, can help you avoid this and find the best places to purchase your chosen anabolic compounds. It is a widely faked steroid so it is probably more risky buying it than other steroids. Our advice is do your research and never jump in. The link at the top of the page is for a legitimate company that sells authentic pharma grade oral anabolics and they accept card payments, so all bases are covered.

Alternatively, some suggest purchasing from a local source is the best play to purchase your steroid(s) of choice. This is usually preached by those who have a trusted local course, which sadly isn’t a reality for most people as I doubt very many people who a) actually know someone who sells steroids and b) trusts them as well. Unless you are 100% sure you can trust them and the products they offer then I’d always stay well clear of buying in person, plus, if you don’t know them too well they could be undercover law enforcement and then you are bang to rights. Our advice would always buy from a trusted online source as these are the best places to buy from when all the facts, pros and cons are weighed up. it can be bought from many online sources and we advise that you choose this route as it is best for your the consumer at the end of the day.

 Why is the price of Anavar so high?

Price related queries are searched for on Google several hundred times per month and it not surprising why it is such a popular phrase. The price is something that many people wonder as it more expensive than most other steroids and most users (even those who have made a purchase before) are never entirely sure as to what they should be paying for this compound. Of course, it does vary from lab to lab, but all in all you should be paying around the same amount regardless of which supplier you choose to buy from.

The first thing to consider when it comes to the cost is what size tablets/capsules are you getting. On the whole most labs produce 10mg and 50mg pills, with only a handful manufacturing anything different to this. Why? Because that is the size oral that consumers like and it makes it easy for them to take the exact dosage they want. This is the first thing to aware of – those that produce ‘odd’ sized tablets may not be legitimate. So how much can you expect to pay…?

Anavar is expensive simply because the cost to produce the raw materials is a lot higher than other orals (Dianabol for example is extremely cheap). Why is it more expensive? Because it takes great amount of components (in terms of raw chemicals), time and overall synthesis, which is ultimately reflected in the final cost. To bring the cost down you may want to import from a raw steroid power dealer from China, as this will lower the price immensely, but you don’t know exactly what you are getting unless you trust the dealer 100%.

As I stated, it does vary from lab to lab (and how much you buy – if you purchase in bulk then you will get a far better deal), but as a ballpark figure $1.50-2 per tablet for a 50mg is about standard and $0.75-$1 for a 10mg tablet. However, don’t let price alone be the means by which you choose a lab or product, always do your research on forums and steroid review sites (such as eRoids and MuscleGurus) – there will be plenty of reviews out there for your to peruse.

The cost is the main reason why it is the most faked steroid on the market. Unscrupulous suppliers like to increase profits by either selling under-dosed Anavar tablets (either with less active compound or cut with another compound), winstrol disguised as Anavar tabs (they have similar effects so a user really wouldn’t know the difference, plus winstrol is far cheaper) or simply a tablet with no active ingredient in it at all. This is the issue with buy steroids on the black market from underground labs, you have no idea what is in it unless you have it tested, which is very expensive (at least $250 for one test). Luckily the are a few sites that are now testing a lot of the common steroid labs available on the market, so it it worthwhile to search for these as they test all manner of steroids, both oral and injectables.

Can women Anavar use it safely?

One question I seems to get asked time and time again is, ‘is there a different type of Anavar for women?’ – the answer being no, there is only one type. I am loath to suggest that females should take steroids at all, as all will cause virilization to some degree. If a gun was put to my head then I would probably say it is the best steroid for women to buy, but primobolan could also be suggested. Even a dose as low as 10mg per day for four to six weeks could have irreversible effects. Despite its low androgenic rating of 25, all women using it must be extremely careful, not only for virilization, but also the side effects mentioned in the above paragraph.

Chemical name: Oxandrolone Chemical formula: 17b-hydroxy17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstane-3-one Year of release: 1965 Effective dose: 20mg – 140mg Half life: Detection time: A:A ratio: 25:320-640

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